Jonathan Brandmeyer

Vice President of Software Engineering

“I love that there is a great big mountain of problems to solve – I’m a problem solver at heart.”

Jonathan Brandmeyer serves as PlanetiQ’s Vice President of Software Engineering. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience across multiple industries and programming languages, and is driven by his commitment to move solutions forward with exacting accuracy. His specialty as a Control Systems Engineer lies in system dynamic analysis and state estimation algorithms. Applied to radio occultation, he has designed, developed, and tested PlanetiQ’s GNSS signal acquisition system, tracking control loops, and precise orbit determination system together with a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers. Leveraging his experience with computing at scale, he has also supervised the construction and operation of the world’s lowest-latency space weather data preprocessing system.

Before moving to PlanetiQ, Jonathan served at Alphabet as an embedded software and controls engineer in the Titan Aerospace team. His capacity for intense product focus brought fully functioning results to the table under impossibly tight timeframes, including highly accurate calibration systems and geolocation software at scale in Google Geo. Prior to Alphabet, he worked as an embedded engineer for a variety of clients and projects, and headed Boulder Wind Power’s power electronics team as Principal Software and Controls Engineer, working on the next generation of silicon carbide wind turbine and grid-interactive power converters.

Jonathan started his career as a Nuclear Propulsion Plant Supervisor with the U.S. Navy, and his strong sense of professional integrity propelled him quickly through the ranks. Directly after earning his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University, he developed control code and calibration systems for Parata System’s prescription-filling robot, reducing counting errors by a factor of ten. At Eaton Corporation, he was promoted to Lead Embedded Software Engineer and was responsible for UPS firmware, sensing, and controls systems while coordinating with international engineering and testing teams.

A committed family man, Jonathan empowers his team to find true work-life balance. He has deliberately built and implemented redundancy, automation and auto recovery systems enabling his team to actually take time off – all the way off. He sees climate change as the greatest threat we as a planet have ever faced, and embraces the opportunity to be an active part of the solution. He is also deeply committed to transparency, and is passionate about ensuring that PlanetiQ continues to be an ethical and honest enterprise.

Jonathan Brandmeyer

Board of Directors

Chris McCormick, Chairman
PlanetiQ, Inc.

George Ugras, PhD
Managing Director, AV8 Ventures

Joe Timko
Partner, New Science Ventures

Eric Kirby
Independent Director

Subodh Gupta
Principal, Valo Ventures