PlanetiQ was founded in 2012 and is supported by partners with extensive experience in the design, development, testing, integration, operation and management of satellites and space systems…

Blue Canyon Technologies

Blue Canyon Technologies, LLC (BCT), based in Boulder, Colo., is a privately held business founded in 2008 to bring high-performance, affordable solutions to space missions. The company is an innovative, experienced integrator of aerospace systems and developer of advanced aerospace products and technologies. BCT has designed, developed, tested and delivered numerous systems and components for dozens of space missions, including for the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA and commercial customers.

Millennium Engineering and Integration

Millennium Engineering and Integration helps to enable success for nationally significant and technically complex systems for our mission partners through the application of engineering, science, and programmatic experience, skills, methods and tools. Millennium delivers exceptional engineering services and unique hardware/software products. We are expanding the capabilities of today’s ground, air, and space systems and advancing the technologies of tomorrow’s systems.

Earth Investments LLC

Earth Investments LLC is a high-net-worth investment vehicle dedicated to improving the way we understand and predict changes in weather and climate.